Youth Leagues

Fishers Premier Spring League: April 10 - June 5, 2023

Co-Ed 1st and 2nd Grade | Boys 3rd-12th Grade
Format: 8 games plus tournament
Cost: $595 per team/$200 individual registration

Visit the USA Youth Hoops registration website to register. For questions reach out to Matt Arnold at 317.941.6403 or .

Best Choice Fieldhouse Youth League Rules

All Best Choice Fieldhouse leagues shall be governed by IHSAA rules with the following exceptions.

School teams must play in the grade division of their oldest player. At the discretion of Best Choice Fieldhouse, "All Star" and other non-school based travel teams may be required to play up one grade level above the grade of their oldest player to maintain the competitive balance of the league. All players must be listed on the official team roster with corresponding parent signature to be eligible to participate. Coaches must be prepared to establish all players are eligible to participate in that grade division by producing a current grade report for each player, if requested. Players may not be "double-rostered" on teams within the same division in the same grade. However, players can play on different teams in the same age group if the teams are in different divisions within that grade.

Teams using illegal players will forfeit all games played to date — whether the illegal player participated in those games. A second violation of this rule will result in the team being removed from the league without refund. All rosters must be finalized by WEEK TWO of each season. A coach, player, OR FAN ejected from a game shall be suspended for the following game. A second violation in the same season will result in a suspension for the remainder of that season.

For Grades 3 - High School: No full court pressing or half court trapping zone defenses of any kind may be played by teams with a lead of twenty points or larger. Each team shall receive 2 timeouts per half (1) Full Time out and (1) 30 second timeout. Timeouts do not carry over halves or to overtime. Halftime shall be three minutes in length and overtime periods will be two minutes. ALL TEAMS MUST HAVE AN ADULT ON THE BENCH AT ALL TIMES. Grades 3rd-6th will use a 28.5 ball for all games. Grades 7th-12th will use a full-size ball.

The bottom team listed on the schedule is the Home team, and will wear their White/Light Colored Jerseys.

Each team shall provide one volunteer to assist at the scoring table. Kids under the age of 18 are not permitted to work the scores table.

Teams in 3rd grade shall not be allowed to press until the second half and players may land beyond the 15' foul line on foul shots. However, the shooter CANNOT rebound the ball on free throws.

All overtime periods will be 2 minutes in length. Each team will receive 1 timeout per overtime period. Timeouts do not carry over from regulation or from overtime to overtime.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship and favorable spectator involvement at Best Choice Fieldhouse and associated venues, fans are strongly encouraged to be loud, to be proud, but to be POSITIVE. To help ensure exemplary spectator conduct at sporting events, the following will be in effect for all home contests:

  1. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at athletic contests. Anyone attempting to bring alcohol into an athletic contest will be denied entry and anyone discovered in possession of alcohol at a contest may be removed from the event.
  2. Anyone entering who management or staff believes is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs may be denied admission and anyone present at an event who the management/staff believes is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs may be removed from the event.
  3. Any person(s) using inflammatory language and/or displaying inciting actions will be warned by the referees/management/staff that continuation of the activity will result in their ejection from the facility. If the language and/or activity continues, the offending person(s) will be removed. In a particularly flagrant case of inflammatory language and/or inciting action, the offending person(s) may be removed immediately without a warning. The determination of whether certain language is inflammatory and/or action is inciting will be a judgment made by the management/staff and will apply whether the offense is aimed at the contest participants, officials, other spectators, or the management staff.
  4. Any spectator entering onto the playing area of the facility while the event is in progress, or who refuses to remain in the designated spectator area, will be subject to immediate ejection.
  5. Any signs, banners, shirts, noisemakers, etc. deemed inflammatory by the contest management staff, or that are in violation of IHSAA policies, will be removed.

Any violation of this Code of Conduct will result in you being asked to leave the site/facility, and may result in you possibly being banned from attending future Best Choice Fieldhouse sanctioned events. The Site Director has the final say regarding their individual event. Local law enforcement will be contacted if necessary to resolve any disputes or altercations.

Regular season league schedules shall be posted at the beginning of each season. Special scheduling requests must be submitted prior to the first game. In order to protect the integrity of the league, teams must honor their commitment to field a team for each and every game as scheduled. Your team registration is your pledge to every team and player in the league that you will fulfill your commitment to the league schedule. Best Choice Fieldhouse cannot guarantee games not played as originally scheduled will be rescheduled. Games that can not be rescheduled will count as forfeits against the canceling team. Teams will pay a $50 cancellation fee to cover the cost of the officials the first time a game is cancelled. A second cancellation in a season will result in the team's removal from the league without refund.

Due to court scheduling constraints, we unfortunately cannot guarantee games cancelled due to weather will be rescheduled.


ADULTS (18-63): $7.00 | SENIORS (64 & UP): $5.00 | STUDENTS (6-17): $5.00 | KIDS (5 & UNDER): FREE