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Best Choice Fieldhouse Adult Basketball

Best Choice Fieldhouse knows that basketball is not just for the young, but the young at heart as well. No matter what your age or skill level, you can find a league that allows you to compete and keep in shape. Our adult leagues feature A, B, and even C Divisions and if that is not enough — we can even start and organize a new league for you and your group. Let our experienced staff organize and manage your corporation or organization's league! Join company's such as Charles Schwab, Roche Diagnostics, or church groups like Northview Christian Church who have all made Best Choice Fieldhouse their home for hoop action. Contact us for today for details on how we can help your group as well.

Best Choice Fieldhouse Adult League Rules

IHSAA (High School) rules will be followed with the following exceptions:

  1. The league is 8 games plus a single elimination tournament.
  2. Team entry fee is $595.00. All fees must be paid in full before you are put on the schedule.
  3. All teams will use Fieldhouse T-shirts provided by Best Choice Fieldhouse. T-shirts will not be replaced without a fee of $20 for a new T-shirt. You must have a Best Choice Fieldhouse T-shirt that matches your team color to play, unless you have your own jerseys, which in this case they still must match and the league fee will be $545 if own jerseys are used. If you use a previous league's T-shirts, they can not duplicate a color another team chooses. If so, you must pay for new T-shirts.
  4. All games will be played with start times ranging from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Please check the website each week and the day of the game at noon for potential schedule changes.
  5. Each team must provide a game clock operator or scorekeeper and should bring their own game and warmup balls. The game officials will show each team’s captain how to work the clock and keep the scoresheet. All clock discrepancies will be handled according to the official’s judgment. The official score is the score sheet. Please turn in score sheet after each game with team names and scores on the sheet. Scores and standings will be updated each week.
  6. Time posted is tip-time. A five minute grace period will be given to any team that does not have at least four players ready to play. After the five minutes have expired, then the first half game time will begin and will not stop until the unprepared team has at least four players ready to play. A one shot technical foul will be assessed to the unprepared team for every minute that runs off the game clock. A forfeit will be declared if a team can not produce four players prior to the end of the twenty minute halve.
  7. Games will consist of two twenty minute halves. The clock will stop on all time-outs, and on every whistle in the last two minutes of the game. This includes over-time sessions — two minutes for the first OT and one minute for any additional.
  8. Rosters are final before the start of the second game. Any team wishing to add a player after the second game must pay $20 per player prior to the game. Teams found to be using players not on their roster will have their game's forfeited and fined for those players.
  9. Players may enter the lane on free throw attempts when the ball is released by the shooter. (college rule)
  10. Your team registration is your pledge to every team and player in the league that you will fulfill your commitment to the league schedule. Best Choice Fieldhouse cannot guarantee games not played as originally scheduled will be rescheduled. Games that can not be rescheduled will count as forfeits against the canceling team. Teams will pay a $50 cancellation fee to cover the cost of the officials the first time a game is cancelled. A second cancellation in a season will result in the team's removal from the league without refund. All teams must have a valid credit card on file to cover any cancellation fees incurred.
  11. Any player thrown out of a game will be suspended for the following game. A second occurrence will result in a suspension for the rest of the season. We will not allow fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct in this league. If you fight, you will face consequences and be suspended from entering Best Choice Fieldhouse. Best Choice Fieldhouse will have youth games occurring at the same time as men's league games. Please ask your team members to show good sportsmanship and leadership for the young players and their parents.


ADULTS (18-63): $5.00 | SENIORS (64 & UP): $2.00 | STUDENTS (6-17): $2.00 | KIDS (5 & UNDER): FREE