Employee Schedule

Employee Schedule

Remember, you are responsible for covering any shifts you cannot work.

Notice ... updated employee rules:

1. All employees must wear khaki shorts or pants and FH Shirt.

2. Cell phones are not permitted at work!

If you bring them in the building they must be placed in manager's office until end of shift.

3. No food or drink at front counter.

All food/drink must be consumed in back room. This is a Health Dept. rule and we risk losing license if not followed!

 All Scheduling Requests are to be turned in 3 weeks in advance. Requested days off must be approved by a member of the management staff.  Schedule Subject to change based on weekly schedule and weekend events. 


D-Door  CP-Concession food prep  CR- Concession Register  PH- Phase Shift, C- Closing Shift


Monday 2/13 Tuesday 2/14 Wednesday 2/15 Thursday 2/16 Friday 2/17 Saturday 2/18 Sunday 2/19
Bryce G 2-C
Grace 5-C 9-2
Jacob L 5-C 2-C
Sydney 2-C
Chassidy 4:30-C  7:30-2 7-2
Lucas L  2-C  7-2
Tommy  5-C 5-C  2-C  OFF
Cooper 2-C  3-7:30
Graeme  4:30-C  OFF OFF OFF
Taylor 2-C 7-2
 Lauren 5-C  4:30-C 10-2
Hayden  4:30-C  7:30-2 7-2
Joy 4:30-C 5-C 4:30-C 4:30-C 7:30-2
Kevin  2-C
Trent  4:30-C 7:30-2
Nevaer  4:30-C 2-C


Monday 2/20 Tuesday 2/21 Wednesday 2/22 Thursday 2/23 Friday 2/24 Saturday 2/25 Sunday 2/26
Bryce G 2-C
Grace 5-C 10-4
Jacob L  3-C 2-C
Sydney  4-C 7:30-2
Chassidy  8-3 7:30-2 7:30-2
Ryan 2-C 7:30-2
Lucas L  8-3  5-C  4:30-C  10-5
Tommy  OFF OFF OFF  4:30-C
Cooper OFF OFF OFF 4-C
Greame OFF OFF OFF  2-C
Taylor 8-3 D 7:30-2 7:30-2
Lauren  3-C  4:30-C  4:30-C 2-7
Hayden  3-C D 7:30-2 7:30-2
Joy 8pm-C 5-C 4:30-C 4:30-C  2-C
 Kevin  2-C
 Trent 3-C  4:30-C  2-C
 Nevaer  8-3  7:30-2  2-C
Haley 5-C 4:30-C


Monday 2/27 Tuesday 2/28 Wednesday 3/1 Thursday 3/2 Friday 3/3 Saturday 3/4 Sunday 3/5
Taylor 7-2
Lucas L  4-C  7-2
Grace 5-C 10-4
Jacob L  4-C 2-C
Chassidy 4-C 4-c  2-C
Ryan 2-C 7-2
Bryce G 12-6
Tommy  4-C 2-C
Cooper  7-12
Greame  2-C
Sydney  2-C
Hayden  4-C 7-2
Joy 4-C 4-C 4-C 4-C OFF
Lauren  4-C 7-2
 Kevin  2-C
Trent  5-C 7-2
Nevaer 2-C  7-2
Haley 4-C 4-C